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School History

Our school was founded to serve our parish families, as a tribute to the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who dedicated their lives to the early education of our community. The school continues in its commitment to quality Catholic Education, evidencing Christian values in our community.

The history of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish dates back to 1921 when the program of religious education began. The Sisters of Social Service who supervised a catechetical center on Mercury Avenue organized this program.

This center, then part of Sacred Heart Parish, became Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in 1924. Monsignor Ramon Soriano was appointed administrator in 1945 and became pastor 1954 when Our Lady of Guadalupe became a full-fledged parish. In 1951, the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary were invited to conduct a census, engaged in-home visitation and took over the work of the Sisters of Social Service.

Soon the desire for a parochial school was born and plans were drawn up. In 1957, the surrounding hills witnessed feverish activity along Browne Avenue. On September 8, 1957, Our Lady of Guadalupe School opened its doors for the first time to the children of the area. Four Classrooms were ready to occupy.

The next four years experienced a population boom, forcing the addition of a new classroom every year. In 1961, the school building was completed when four more classrooms and a social hall were completed. In June of 1963, the school celebrated its first graduation.

In 1962, the kindergarten classroom was constructed separate from the school building, adjacent to the church. Financial limitations forced the closing of the classroom in 1974, but it’s necessity arose once again in September of 1973 and the classroom was reopened. In the 1970s, the Title 1 bungalow was built and the playground was enlarged. In 1994, the Missionary Sisters moved out of the convent, leaving it as a Parish Center.

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