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The earliest roots of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish – Rose Hill began as early as 1920, when catechism classes, under the Sisters of Social Services, were held in the neighborhood. Two or three years later, a small hall was built on Mercury Avenue as a catechetical and social center. The center was a part of the Sacred Heart Parish and in 1924 became Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission. On Sunday, Fr. Antonio Arias would celebrate Mass in the hall.

The Mission’s first resident priest, Fr. Alberto Lopez, arrived in 1928 and made his residence with the Henry Delcano Family since there was no rectory. The Mission was placed in the care of Our Lady Help of Christians in Lincoln Heights from about 1930-1934. The first rectory, a gift from Sacred Heart Parish, was moved to Rosehill in 1934 when Fr. Jose Maria Gargallo was serving as Administrator. In the same year, the Sisters of Holy Family came to continue the religious instruction of the children. In 1938, Fr. Angel Castellano was named and he was succeeded by Fr. Cornelio Sierra, who served from 1942-1945.

Our Lady of Guadalupe had its greatest growth under Fr. Ramon Soriano, who was Administrator of the mission in 1945 and became the Pastor in 1954 when Our Lady of Guadalupe was established as parish. Fr. Soriano was born in Spain, came to the United States in 1932, and was stationed at Santa Paula Church Oxnard and at Sacred Heart Church in Lincoln Heights. He also served as chaplain to General Hospital, before coming to Our Lady of Guadalupe – Rose Hill. In 1951 Fr. Soriano invited the Missionary Sisters of St. Augustine, then recent refugees from China and the Philippines, to conduct a census and begin home visitations.

In 1953, the City of Los Angeles decided to build a playground where Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission stood. With the help of His Eminence James Francis Cardinal McIntyre, Fr. Soriano was able to purchase the vacant lot across the street and the mission church was moved there that same year.

In 1953, Fr. John Curran, Pastor of Sacred Heart Church, gave Fr. Soriano a two- story apartment. It was relocated to the corner of Browne and McKenzie; it became Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent for the Missionary Sisters of St. Augustine who had been residing at Dolores Mission. The sisters added religious instruction to their work of home visitation. In 1957, the first part of the parish school was built, four classrooms and offices. In September of 1957, the school was opened with Mother Marie Lucille, the local Superior of the Missionary Sisters of St. Augustine, as Principal. In 1959, four additional classrooms, a clinic, and a large lower- floor auditorium were added. On January 22, 1961, His Eminence James Francis McIntyre blessed Our Lady of Guadalupe School. The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (formally called the Missionary Sisters of St. Augustine) staffed the school who had been active in the parish since 1953.

Fr. Soriano remained the Pastor until 1975. Fr. Soriano was superceeded by Fr. Javier Ferrer (1976-1979), Fr. Andres Pisano (1979-1984), Fr. William McLean (1984-1989) and Fr. Juan Enriquez (1989-1985).

During the time that Fr. Juan Enriquez served as Pastor, major changes were made. In 1994, the Sisters Convent was converted into a Parish Center and Office. This gave the priests a private house, while also adding much- needed meeting space for parish groups. The same year, the facade (arches) around the church was completed.

In 1995, when Fr. Juan was assigned as Pastor to Guardian Angel Parish in Pacoima, Fr. David Gallardo was named Administrator. After a one year term, he was replaced by Fr. Roberto Pirrone until the end of 1996. Fr. Tom Baker was assigned at the beginning of 1997.

Church Information & Mass Times

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Rose Hill

4509 Mercury Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90032
Phone: (323) 225-4201
Fax: (323) 225-3668
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Parish Staff

Rev. Nelson Trinidad

Mrs. Rosalyn Martin del Campo
Parish Secretary

Sister Therese Cedillo
Pastoral Assistant

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil - 5 pm
Sunday - 7:30 am, 10:30 am
Mon., Wed., & Fri. - 8 am
Sunday - 9 am, 12 pm, 1:30 pm
Tues. & Thurs. - 5:30 pm