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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Guadalupe School is committed to provide a quality Catholic education, while building a foundation that reflects good character, compassion, and strong Catholic values. Our educational program is permeated with Catholic teachings and provides a safe and caring environment that envelops the spiritual, moral, social, and academic growth of all students.  We educate students to fully develop knowledge, confidence and moral responsibility.

School Philosophy

Our Lady of Guadalupe School believes in the importance of developing a partnership with the parents, who are the primary educators of their children. We believe that our school should promote the full development of our students’ character and academic potential. We strive to provide a nurturing environment to meet the needs of our individual students.

Our vision is to create an environment in which all students become active members of society by modeling the teachings of Christ through prayer and learning. Our Lady of Guadalupe School instills a lifelong love of learning and strong moral ethics in its students who serve and lead in their church and community.

We believe a Catholic education transforms students’ lives by bringing them closer to Jesus Christ, helping them practice their faith, and giving them academic skills needed to become leaders in society.


 Schoolwide Learning Expectations

An Our Lady of Guadalupe Student Strives to Become:

A Morally Responsible Catholic Who

  • Prays daily and participates in the Mass
  • Lives according to the Gospel
  • Understands his/her Catholic faith
  • Serves others through Christian service

 An Academically Prepared Individual Who:

  • Is able to actively listen, speak and write well
  • Develops critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Practices good organizational skills and work habits
  • Uses technology responsibly

A Socially Responsible Individual Who:

  • Practices sportsmanship
  • Accepts all God-given talents and abilities
  • Develops self-confidence and self-motivation
  • Shows respect for self and others

A Globally Aware Citizen Who:

  • Follows the Golden Rule
  • Respects all of God’s creations
  • Cares for the environment
  • Has knowledge of current events and world affairs



Contact Us

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Rose Hill

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Phone: (323) 221-8187
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Office Hours

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School Hours

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